Know All About Wheelchairs From Past To Present

Wheelchairs for disabled people are very helpful in their everyday life, it helps in getting them wherever they want to go with ease. These special chairs for special people were first used in China according to studies which were used for transporting disabled people, it was an inscription found on a stone. Then in 1887 it was reinvented to be used by tourists in Atlantic City. It can be rented to enjoy the Boardwalk, even healthy tourists rented the “rolling chairs” and the servants of the healthy tourists will push them.

Today, wheelchairs are helping thousands of people with their lives. Even kids today are very happy that they have wheelchairs to use for their everyday activities. These chairs with wheels are made with different varieties for people with different needs. Some wheelchairs are made with controls that can be maneuvered using only the hand, some can be used specially for sports activities and of course, there are wheelchairs for kids that are made with different colors that kids with disabilities would love. Still, the standard wheelchair is available for normal day to day activity.

One thing is a bit sad for these wheelchairs, the more specifications they have the more expensive they can be, but there are some charitable institutions that give away special wheelchairs for the needy. Good thing that there are people with a kind heart that give donations to charities as a medium to help the poor. It is just heart-warming to know that God has created us with a heart of gold and with the spirit of kindness to help those who need it most.

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