Customized Toys for Disabled Kids Made by College Students

The classroom isn’t the only location university student can and ought to discover. Real-world, hands-on experiences can be similarly valuable. College education isn’t just indicated to offer a trainee a great profession after graduation. For engineering and physical therapy students at the University of North Florida, it’s also a way to discover abilities that will greatly help the lives of handicapped kids.

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Toys are a few of the items you discover in practically every house with kids. They are a kid’s favorite play tool that makes them delighted and occupied most of the time. When you discover kids having fun with their toys, you would notice some kind of delight and joy on their faces.

Adaptive Toy Project

Fun things that will help kids with Down syndrome, autism, juvenile arthritis, spastic paralysis, and sensory combination problems. Kids with Down syndrome can have trouble with fine motor skills, so games and puzzles with just a couple of big pieces to work with are often a hit. Toys play a key role in a kid’s development. But many children with impairments– such as autism, cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida and muscular dystrophy– are not able to play them, which is where the The Adaptive Toy Project comes in. Mary Lundy, a teacher of physical treatment at the UNF, has co-started what is called the “Adaptive Toy Project” which is in its 3rd year now, reports the Associated Press. In this task, engineering students work with physical treatment students to produce customized toys that will bring pleasure to a handicapped kid – and the child’s parents.

Toy Vehicles

Toy vehicles for handicapped kids are pretty hard, if not difficult, to find. Dezaraye Wilgis, mom of a 4-year-old kid suffering from cerebral palsy, Scarlett, says they’re “nonexistent” in merchants like Wal-Mart or Target, and are very pricey when acquired through a medical provider. Toy vehicles retail for about $250 to $500 each. Personalizing the car to a kid’s specific requirements will cost more than $1,000. This makes it tough for Scarlett to have a typical life much like any other children. So far, the task has actually developed ten customized, battery-powered ride-on toys– such as Fisher Price Power Wheels cars– that offer kids independent, self-directed mobility choices. It has actually produced 13 smaller sized switch toys that permit kids to master “domino effect” ideas while dealing with motor abilities in their upper extremities.

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